The List

Sometimes, I’ll be sitting on my computer and I’ll think about how I need to learn how to drive, how to curl my hair with a flat iron or if Python is the best programming language to learn. This will be my ongoing list of things I need to do today, tomorrow or 17 years from now.

Make my own perfume in Grasse, France

Grow my hair long enough to cover my boobs

Make my own lipstick @ Lip Lab

Meet Anthony Bourdain

(Update: 2018. Wow. Re-reading this one hurts. We may have to meet another way one day.)

Work for a travel blog. 

Write a memoir

Become an expat

Get my sister to get a passport stamp before her passport expires

Learn how to drive

Take a culinary class

Learn how to dance salsa

Celebrate New Year’s abroad

Visit Holland, MI

Sleep in a Japanese capsule hotel

Sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert

See Stonehenge

Travel with Nicole somewhere tropical

Visit the Royal Observatory