The following are a list of blogs and websites I can’t live without.
You should check them out too!


In another life, I would probably be a beauty blogger.


Nederland is my current home at the moment. (Although I am and always will be a New Yorker at heart)

A Flamingo in Utrecht

Oh My Yoga

Health & Fitness

Growing up with a mom as a nurse, I was always keen about health & fitness. For me, its important to stay fit to look and feel good.


In addition to feeling good, mindfulness is the path to my personal sanity.

I’m a huge fan of psychological, inspirational and zen-like material.

Tiny Buddha:  One of my favorite sites for inspirational material. One of my guilty pleasures is to read a few articles before bed.


I started my writing career as a freelance travel writer. It is no surprise that my links page has an abundance of travel related material.  These travel blogs are the personal journeys I love to follow.

Aaron’s World Wide Adventures: Unlikely places, ultimate experiences.

Bitten by the Travel Bug: One girl’s solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and a little bit of luxury.