Essential Highlights when visiting Dresden

New York is the city that never sleeps, while Amsterdam is the Venice of the North. These two cities are ever so familiar to me in my travels. When I thought about what comes to mind when I think of Dresden, the familiar tune of “Tracking Treasure Down” by Gabriel and Dresden came to mind.

2012 Then, 2013 Now

We didn’t blow up two weeks ago which mandates me to write a quintessential post wrapping up the past year. I think 2012 has been put behind me for a long time since the first half was a roller coaster ride up and the second half was one that fell steep at a raging speed.
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What’s in a Puerto Rican Christmas?

Wait a minute, you’re telling me that small little commonwealth country of the United States that never see’s snow has their own Christmas traditions? Absolutely, and I’ve been a part of it for 26 years and counting. Puerto Ricans celebrate the Navidades outdoors in the warm breeze and indoors with family traditions that carry on
The Christmas season for me starts when the food coma after Thanksgiving has taken its toll on my entire family. Sharing a deluxe meal with my immediate family, sharing Christmas present ideas at the table and that first dip of the cold weather means Christmas is coming. For decades, Germans have been world renowned for their elaborate
As simple as it may sound, this was actually one of the coolest things I’ve done in Europe. Coming from a state that is so big, you can travel 6 hours and still be in it, it’s nifty to travel out of The Netherlands into Germany in less than 2. Upon my arrival via Dusseldorf,

An Optimist’s Guide to New York City

The timing of my darker post was completely abysmal. I wrote a two-part series about what I love and hate about New York City. The “hate” post went live the day Hurricane Sandy hit. I was trapped at Lenox Hill Hospital worrying about my appendicitis, not that post. Luckily, no one seemed offended by my