Photographs of the past tell us a story of how people lived and what a place was like without having to imagine it. Paintings portray the story in a realistic way that is almost like a photograph. What happens when you blend the two together and display it in a way that makes you feel
Once traveling becomes a hobby like collecting stamps or shot glasses, you get a knack for going beyond the travel experience. What is the travel experience exactly? Some enjoy getting away from it all on purpose. Meanwhile, some are traveling long term (More than a week) and find themselves meeting other travelers, even locals. This
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Food: It is the substance for life, the fuel for travels and a great travel companion that happens to accompany us in many of our photographs. Heck, sometimes there are more photographs of my meals then myself. Local cuisine takes us on an intimate journey of a city’s history and culture. It reflects what they
With my nickname being “That Spunglish Girl”, it means three languages infiltrate my brain. I was raised bilingual to speak English and Spanish (Puerto Rican Spanish that is) and my current mission is to master Dutch. On this interesting journey of overcoming the different uses of “de” and “het”, gutteral sounds and strange new words, I
In the heart of Frankfurt, just a quiet stroll away from Central Station and the famous Main River is a place truly like no other. Luxury meets Nostalgia at the Hessischer Hof in Frankfurt where the only private hotel in the city caters to all kinds of travelers looking for that special experience. After lots of sightseeing

Dresden: The Christmas City

Get enchanted by the city that has the right to say they are home to the oldest Christmas market in Germany. Dresden is the city that sparkles, especially in the Christmas season. Throw in an Eastern Europe snow storm and it truly is the perfect setting to watch Dresden glow. You can keep warm with