I close my eyes and tears slowly begin to form as the hypnotic trance sets in. The calming tones of “Wonderful Chill Out” music on my You Tube “Relax” Playlist tries to do its job, but this feeling is overwhelming. How do you begin to tell a story that is still developing and going through
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A city so rich in history like Dresden is appreciated for its famous sights that have been through a destructive war. Dresden is over 800 years old; famous for the Saxon Kingdom, the pristine landscape views, and unfortunately, for the massive 1945 bombing that destroyed 75% of the city. Though the wounds of the war
Everyone has their particular habits when they’re in their comfortable environments. We wake up, make our beds, or perhaps leave it messy and do somewhat rhythmical things as we start our day. When you’re traveling for a period of time that is longer than a typical vacation, you find yourself having some kind of rhythm,
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At some point in Kindergarten, you get this assignment  instructing 5-6 year olds to write a story about what they want to be when you grow up. I managed to compile a  Top 10 list of things I wanted to be. (Oh indecisive little Teresa you) Somewhere in that list was a writer, actress, traveler,

The Do-It Yourself Dresden Luxury Tour

Dresden doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you’re willing to spend a few extra Euros, you can. When you’re surrounded by the splendid Saxon landscape, you can’t help but wonder what it would have been like luxuriously, when Dresden was in the royal age. Even if Dresden is a budget friendly city, you can
Germany: that colossal country in the heart of Western Europe that has been on a roller coaster ride through history. It has always been a place that people radiate towards, like a moth to a flame. I think Germany has something for everyone to enjoy- whether you’re a history buff, a wine aficionado or a