The Final Countdown Towards A New Life Abroad

The flight was booked with less than 100 days until I would say goodbye to a place so familiar to me. Palms sweating, head spinning, and eyes locked on the Icelandair flight with one seat left for a one way flight to Amsterdam arriving on New Year’s Eve. I always kept saying I would try to move before the year’s end, and now, I am doing exactly that.

2013 was complicated

Countless posts tell the story of heartbreak, tragedy and perseverance. The struggles of my father may continue, but so does his unwillingness to give up. It is that same tenaciousness that allows me to pack my bags and move to The Netherlands to make a life with my guy. What was once a 16 year old’s dream was now becoming a reality.

After almost moving last year, I realized perhaps I was supposed to be here for my family during these turbulent times. My travel career may have been on the back burner for the past year, but my love for travel is undying, just like the love for my family.

Now that no (outstanding) obstacles stand in the way of me getting a visa to live over there, we are able to move forward.

The Plan


Since my guy has some vacation days left, he will be visiting me for Christmas to spend it with my family. Last year I spent it with his and I am thrilled that he will experience a New York/Puerto Rican festivity! We’ll be doing all the New York “romantical” things that I never get to do with him because of our distance. Upon his departure, I will join him (On a different flight, long story) to meet him at the airport and spend New Year’s at our home in Rotterdam.

It looks like my New Year’s Resolution came true; Bart and I toasted to spend the following New Year together, not apart.

The “Bring Your Own Kleenex” Party

Meerkat Kleenex boxes

Where can I get these awesome Meerkat Kleenex boxes??

Part of the excitement of moving abroad includes a going away party. Fortunately, my sister in in the midst of changing careers and is studying to become an event planner. (She is the perfect Virgo for the job). She and I will work together to quickly plan the “Bring your own Kleenex” themed party (joke) and I will be sharing the details as soon as we have something planned.

If you’re interested in coming, let me know- trying to get a head count as we speak.

What it feels like to have your dreams come true

This cathartic feeling has its up’s, down’s and upside down’s. Where do I start? Will I be ready? I need to lose weight before the party! Can I finish my bucket list? Oh, look it is such a pretty day outside. Darn sinus infection. Sounds a bit ADD like actually.

Nonetheless, I am blessed to be able to do this and to share this experience with my friends, family and readers.

I can only hope this inspires others to follow their dreams, big, small or substantially mediocre

2 Comments to “ The Final Countdown Towards A New Life Abroad”

  1. Nicole says :

    YAH!!! This is so excited. After all the stress and turbulence of the past year(s?) it’s amazing that your stars are all aligning and your dreams are coming true.

    We shall talk, but let me know when the goodbye party is. 🙂 I’m hoping to be in NYC for Christmas but wanting to fly out early – and it would be nice to meet this man who has impacted your life so deeply.

    Best wishes to you, my love.
    I look forward to watching your new adventure in the Netherlands and of course a few more girls night when we cross paths again. 😉

  2. Ali says :

    Yay!! I am soooo excited for you that you’re finally able to move to Rotterdam to start the next chapter of your life. I know it’s been a struggle but as you said, you were probably meant to be in NY with your dad. Good luck with all the prep and moving! Maybe we’ll finally meet up one of these days since you’ll be on this side of the pond!