On Leaving New York: A Native New Yorker’s Bucket List

“One day, I’m going to pack my bags and leave this place.” How many times have you heard this statement? But, what if you’re daring enough to actually do this with the intention to never look back? Are you a pioneer towards a migrant movement to make a life beyond your comfort zone? Or are you a dreamer; unaware of the harsh realities of visa applications, foreign laws and the emotional heartbreak of impending goodbyes? For me, this is a reality that will make a Native New Yorker leave a place she has called home.

There are plenty of difficult decisions in life; where to go to school, what General doctor to choose or what color of nail polish to wear. (Joking) As much as I love New York City, it was always difficult to visualize my future in this place where “dreams are made of.” I’ve seen close friends and family struggle (myself included), yet playboy billionaires find their playground on the same streets of a Welfare facility. It’s a city of contrast and I’m just looking for balance.

When Intuition Strikes

Having an international boyfriend means making yet another tough decision: Who moves? Easier said than done, I didn’t know a lot about The Netherlands

There is no easy way to say goodbye to a city that has always been home, but hopefully, accomplishing these goals on my bucket list will add to my timeless memories.

1. Have a ridiculously expensive drink at Toshi’s Living Room

jamie's manhattan

I’m secretly in love with their menu and the fancy names for their cocktails. If I am toasting goodbye to NYC, I’ve got to have The Gentle Manhattan.

2. Enjoy my favorite NYC Meal

Lunch: Chinatown East Lunch Special: 2 sushi rolls and the best Chicken with Broccoli in New York City.

3. Bike somewhere in New York City

Bike like a New Yorker.

I finally learned how to bike after 20 something years of not feeling the cool breeze in my hair and the pain in my ass. (Literally) Time to scare children and joggers by biking somewhere in NYC that is nowhere near traffic.

4. Take the 6 train to see the old City Hall IRT line.

City Hall Station

Shh… Don’t tell anyone but sometimes, the best parts of NYC are the one’s you can’t see.

5. Great Falls in Woodland Park, NJ

NJ - Paterson: The Great Falls of the Passaic
At one point in my life, I was a Jersey girl. I was told this is one of the most scenic spots in NJ and its worth a visit. Sounds like a job that includes my Jersey girl sister.

6. Take a picture in front of the Unisphere


The duty of a global citizen- insert obligatory shot in front of the world.

7. Visit the “Mens sana in corpore sano” quote at Columbia University

Columbia University Campus

The quote of my life and it’s etched in my own backyard? BTW Columbia University was totes my dream school.

8. Buy and read The Island at the Center of the World to know everything Dutch about NYC and celebrating finishing it with a photograph at Dutch St.

9. Enjoy a staycation in a NYC Hotel Thanks Nicole! (8/2013)

Premier Millenium Hotel, Times Square, NYC

Who wouldn’t want to live large in New York City? Any hotel for just one night of room service, gorgeous views and sleeping to the sound of nothingness as opposed to my loud neighbors playing Mexican folk music ‘till 6am.

10. Buy an I Love NY Shirt from the City Store

Never had one and gotta have one. I may have a Rachel and Ross on and off relationship with this place, but I will always <3 NYC

So, as I look back, I didn´t get to do them all But that is okay, I´ll always come back for you New York

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