Exploring the Kunsthofpassage in Dresden

A city so rich in history like Dresden is appreciated for its famous sights that have been through a destructive war. Dresden is over 800 years old; famous for the Saxon Kingdom, the pristine landscape views, and unfortunately, for the massive 1945 bombing that destroyed 75% of the city.

Though the wounds of the war may still hurt, the city has revitalized slowly, but surely with famous attractions like the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche rebuilt to its former glory. But now, it’s time to look at Dresden differently as the 21st century progresses, not only as a historical destination, but a modern place for new generations. Part of this revitalization includes a focus on art: The Kunsthofpassage.

Kunsthofpassage: Art Passage


Welcome to the Kunsthofpassage: Art Passage

Art has always impressed me because it has no definite meaning and is versatile in its comprehension. What one person may see is different from how another interprets it, meanwhile, the creator had a completely different vision. Dresden to me is this city that exemplifies these qualities; a place that was known as one thing, even more famous for its destruction  and now identifies itself in modern times. The best way to understand this concept is a visit to the Kunsthofpassage: The Art Passage.

These hidden courtyards take you into another world of colors, architecture and sounds. In the New Market neighborhood you’ll find this art passage by its quirky sign. Once you’re inside, you’ll be greeted by these extraordinary courtyard pieces.

Court of Mythical Creatures


I see what you’re doing!

Artist Viola Schöpe introduces us into the passage with the Court of Mythical Creatures. These figures are all over the buildings causing mischief; listening to conversations the walls hold, hanging from the windowsills or just playing an instrument.


It’s so nice to see this place to tranquil; I can imagine how fun and busy it must be in the summertime.


More houses need to look like this

It’s all about the cosmic energy of the universe and its creatures that come together, in a wonderful vibe, according to the artist.

The Court of Light


Let the sunshine in

This simple space is actually an artistic venue. There are platforms and projection screens (Not seen here) that allow performers and film projections to broadcast live in this courtyard. On a sunny day, metal mirrors illuminate a variety of colors, depending on the sun reflections.

Kunsthof - Laterns

Let the light guide you

My other photographs of the Court of Light were gloomy; on a cold winter day during a snowstorm in Dresden, that is naturally what happens.

Court of the Elements


What would you call this instrument?

The most visited court where you can enjoy water music- trumpet funnels capture water when it rains and as they fall down the path, it creates music.

The trio Annette Paul, Christoph Rossner and André Tempel came together to blend sound with art on a rainy day. Unfortunately, snow doesn’t create the same effect.

Court of Metamorphosis


Life is transitional

This is probably the story of my life at the moment- the artistic explanation that life is about change. Artist Arend Zwicker created a simpler space with off white walls and long heavy shields against the buildings. The true secret is actually revealed at night when the fiber glass lights up and shines- just like a changing metamorphosis. (What a shame I couldn’t capture this at night.)


Looks like an ordinary piece

Kunsthof - blue stripes

But at night, it is extraordinary.

Court of Farm Animals


In the jungle, the mighty jungle!

A journey through the Savannah- monkeys, giraffes and buffalo’s  Oh my! This truly is the animal kingdom with giraffes, monkeys and small animals everywhere.

Kunsthof Passage

Cool back to back photograph of each courtyard.

What you can do at the Kunsthofpassage

Besides enjoying a free and out of this world art exhibit, the Kunsthof is actually a multi-functional space. There are small boutique shops that were so interesting, I had to purposely avoid coming back and blowing all my cash. Especially at the Feng Shui House Dresden,  selling anything and everything Zen-like. Featured shops include:

You can also enjoy eating at the following restaurants, especially on a warm day when the patio tables are out in the courtyard.

How to get there

IG Kunsthofpassage Dresden
Görlitzer Straße 23
01,099 Dresden

Getting there by tram: 
line 3 to Albert Square
Line 7/8 to Bischofsweg
line 6/11 to Bautzner Str / Rothenburger Str
line 13 to Görlitzer Street

The  Kunsthofpassage: Art Passage isn’t just for the artsy fartsy; it’s suitable for families, couples, friends and Dresdeners who want to witness a colorful piece of their city.

This trip to Dresden was sponsored by Dresden Marketing but the thoughts and opinions are those of Teresa Gotay.