The Do-It Yourself Dresden Luxury Tour

Dresden doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you’re willing to spend a few extra Euros, you can. When you’re surrounded by the splendid Saxon landscape, you can’t help but wonder what it would have been like luxuriously, when Dresden was in the royal age. Even if Dresden is a budget friendly city, you can still spoil yourself rotten and enjoy fascinating history to the backdrop of the enchanting city.

Hilton Hotel

Residenzschloss from Hilton

In the middle of it all: Hilton Dresden

For the traveler that wants to have it all, they want the best attractions to be at their footsteps, but not sacrificing their comfort at the same time. At the Hilton Dresden, you’ll be satisfied with both. You’re situated in the historic town center of Dresden, within walking distance of the famous sites, including the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and the Semperoper. After touring the city all day during a massive 3-day snowstorm, there was nothing like coming home to the comforts of the Hilton to warm up and pass out afterwards.

Rooms include a choice from a (very comfortable) Guest Room to Executive Rooms. The only downside is that Wi-Fi is not included- heart breaking for a travel writer, and surprising when the world is very internet-savvy. Nonetheless, it probably wasn’t too bad since my room was so cozy and relaxing to come home to, I barely wanted to surf the web.


When hunger strikes, choose between a variety of options, from a Steakhouse to the Ogura Restaurant serving fresh Japanese cuisine. The restaurant choices are superb and diverse for all sorts of tastes. Also, you can’t beat the full buffet breakfast bar which served the best berry smoothie served in cute little shot glasses.

A Visit to the Grünes Gewölbe: The Green Vault



The Green Vault sounds like a place where The Hulk would be detained, but actually, something more nostalgic is held here. When fierce leader Augustus the Strong reigned in Baroque Dresden in the 16th Century, he began to indulge in a rich collection of art from all around the world. This included the precious Dresden Green Diamond. Thanks to a Dutch merchant who acquired this gem which apparently comes from India, Augustus was the proud owner of the largest natural green diamond.  Why is it green? This is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials.  After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend: in any color.

At 41 carats, this precious gem is named after the city it has remained in for centuries. But the Green Vault itself also showcases lots of other stunning pieces from a collection of 3,000 made in amber, ivory and other gemstones.

This fabulous collection of treasures will make you appreciate how impressive it is to hold so many priceless pieces in one room.

Walk the Grounds of Zwinger

Crown Gate in the Zwinger in Dresden

What the Zwinger looks like without snow.

If you’re familiar with the essential highlights of Dresden, you’ll recognize The Zwinger: a former palace in Dresden that is now a museum complex. Get a tour guide add learn about how Dresden’s royalty enjoyed this open space. Just imagine that this was the location for many famous parties for the royals of Saxony.

The sandstone palace that dates back to the 1700s is decorated with Gods from Greek mythology, highlighted with grand arches and the famous Crowned Gate. And even though it was damaged and destroyed during the Seven Year’s War, the Napoleonic Wars and World War II, it stands today as a classic example of German Baroque architecture.

Although it was mystical to see the palace brightened by fresh white snow, I can imagine on a sunny day the lush gardens and pristine fountains of the Zwinger can be enjoyed a lot more.

Gläserne Manufaktur: Volkswagen’s glass-walled “Transparent Factory”

2010-11-23_Dresden - Gäserner Manufaktur

German perfection.

Americans love and respect the Volkswagen brand for its reliability, durability and luxurious feel. You wouldn’t think a car factory would be luxurious, but this is an exception. You can imagine the only way to visit this place is to buy a vehicle or to embark on a public tour. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t do either.) If you’re able to spoil yourself with a purchase, everything can be custom designed from the paint job to the fabrics- and made for you to pick up in a few days and for you to drive off with it in Dresden!

Meanwhile, public tours will bring you up close and personal with the production of these deluxe vehicles.

The Semper Opera


How can I get this in my bedroom?

When you think of going to the Opera, how can you not imagine well dressed ladies and properly groomed men ordering countless glasses of wine and enjoying the show? Even this awkward gal was able to enjoy the Opera, during a crazy snow storm and a bad hair day. Anyone will feel like royalty capturing the outside facade, the intricately designed ceiling and the (once again) Baroque architecture.

Semper Opera House; Dresden

This should be a postcard

It’s Germany’s most famous Opera house for a reason- is there no place more beautiful than this?

My experience at the Semper Opera was a blur- you just soak up the experience and find yourself spell-bounded by how much beauty you are surrounded by. Let alone how engulfing the actual performance is. No worries if you’re not exactly Emily Post either, there were lots of young people dressed a bit more casual, which is common in modern times.

Go ahead and put on your fancy clothes and put your best face forward:  a luxury experience in Dresden is waiting for you.

This trip to Dresden was sponsored by Dresden Marketing but the thoughts and opinions are those of the Admin.